Celebrating the Life and Legacy of Joe Leonardi

1945 - 2022

Joe and his kids all together
Joe standing on his porch
Joe smiling on stage
Joe playing bass in his younger years
Joe singing and playing base
Joe jamming on stage


Joe walking with his camera

“Eh Ah? What the hell?

Don’t be sad, I did not fear dying, and I believe in reincarnation. I had a beautiful last super at The Dome with La Familia. Great seafood and lots of music. It’s what we do”

Joe Leonardi passed away peacefully on Tuesday, September 20th, surrounded by the deep love of his family.

Joe is survived by his five children: Dean Leonardi, Anastacia Armstrong, Jennifer Bishop, Joey Leonardi and Jesaca Hatcher. He was a cherished Father-in-law to Skip Armstrong, Dino Bishop, and Mark Hatcher. And a proud Grandfather to Jake Scott, Noah Bishop, and William & Sedonah Hatcher.

Born in Brooklyn, New York in 1945, Joe explored life in Arizona, Colorado, and California, before establishing deep roots in Sisters, Oregon.

A modern renaissance man, Joe expressed his creativity through videography, songwriting, cooking, and community building. For 30+ years, Joe continually evolved his Geodesic Dome home which was inspired by one of his most valued mentors, Buckminster (Bucky) Fuller. With a welcoming heart, Joe’s door was always open for social gatherings, musical concerts, and incredible meals when the “Eat at Joe’s” sign was lit in his big picture window.

Joe was a passionate artist and entrepreneur who channeled his humanitarian and philanthropic values into all he created. He established his company, Leonardi Media Arts, where he instinctively encapsulated people’s life stories into film. He was most fulfilled when contributing his videography talents to the Central Oregon Community and building events such as Starry Nights, Sisters Folk Festival, My Own Two Hands, and much more. Through his life’s work, Joe left behind a beautiful legacy that we can appreciate for years to come.

At the age of 16, Joe played his first gig with the same Fender bass that he created music with his entire life. For over sixty years he was an integral part of many bands, and composed music all over the country. Joe has been a major contributor to the arts and music scene in the Central Oregon Community for the past three decades. Music was Joe’s first language… and his last.

Joe will always be remembered and cherished by his children, grandchildren, and the community, as a guiding source of love. He strived to live life embodying peace, and with a core value of compassion for the evolution of humanity... and for our planet Earth.


Mule Skinner Blues
Performed by Joe Leonardi
Renaissance Man
A song for Joe by Anastacia
Spoke in the Wheel
Joe and Threes
Where it's the Light
Joe and The JZ Band

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